A step back: A DB2 optimization term, then and now

Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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I know, what a cool word, right?

Since I have been dying to write about something (anything) since retiring, this seemed like a fun subject to attack.   I’m sure I’ll get comments correcting everything I’ve said, that’s fine.   After all, we are talking about something that started being discussed over 30 years ago.

Unfortunately, in my excitement to get back to blogging, it appears that I was less than thorough in my research of the term “sargable”.   Its origin is documented, or at least it is sort of documented, in a 1979 research paper co-authored by Pat Selinger.

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So you wish DB2 would do_______ (fill in the blank)

Posted Saturday, May 4, 2016

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Everyone at sometimes wish is DB2 for z/OS would only do something…  There is always an operation , a feature, a function, a keyword that you wish was part of the product.   But what can you do?  You’re only one person.

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I think that misquote from the Apollo 13 movie is perfect for today’s blog post.   You see, here in Houston, we have a DB2 User Group that has its attendance dropping off.   The solution of course, is to get more folk from around the Houston area to attend our meetings.  However, I just can’t seem to come up with a way to do that.

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Synonyms go UN-deprecated in DB2 11

Posted Saturday, April 16, 2016

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Did you happen to read my blog post back on Jan 27, 2016 “ What are your plans for DB2’s Synonyms?” that discussed how to prepare for the eventual removal of synonyms from DB2 in some future release; how synonyms are now “deprecated” in DB2 11.   Or maybe you read my April 25, 2014 post “ A question for you all about DB2 for z/OS Synonyms”?

Potentially removing synonyms from DB2 could have been a big deal for some customers.   Lots of planning goes into removing all use of some feature that has been in the product since the dawn of time.

If you are in your planning stages of how to remove synonyms, I have some great news for you… you can STOP.

Synonyms have been un-deprecated (or is it undeprecated; in fact, I’m not even sure it’s a word).   Regardless of the current status of the word, the important thing in today’s blog post is the current status of the synonyms.   And their status is : “sticking around”.

If you were wondering how to migrate off of synonyms, you can stop wondering…

If you need a little information on how to use (code the SQL) synonyms, check out Synonyms in the IBM Knowledge Center.

You have spoken, and the DB2 lab has listened.

To quote the great philosopher “Hannibal” Smith; “I love it when a plan comes together”.

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IBM zIIPs and the IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerators

I have some great news, at least for me it was great news.   I was fortunate enough to have another article published in Enterprise Tech Journal a few weeks ago.   This latest creation is a little something called “ If I Have a DB2 Analytics Accelerator, Do I Still Need zIIPs?”.

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Is this blog necessary

I dump the version of “DB2 Online Handbook” blog that used WordPress as a foundation but was actual hosted by me with me owning the domain names in an attempt to cut back on expenses in 2015. However, now I have kind of recreated that same blog (almost) as a free WordPress blog using the WordPress free hosting facility.

Now I need to decide if I really want to maintain this mirror of my Toolbox blog. Decisions, decisions…..

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