IBM zIIPs and the IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerators

I have some great news, at least for me it was great news.   I was fortunate enough to have another article published in Enterprise Tech Journal a few weeks ago.   This latest creation is a little something called “ If I Have a DB2 Analytics Accelerator, Do I Still Need zIIPs?”.

The article is based on a question I received a few months that started out as a discussion about zIIPs, or an IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor.  I thought the question, “If I have the DB2 Analytics Accelerator, do I still need all of those zIIPs? After all, my queries are running on the Accelerator now, correct?”, was great.  It was also very timely considering all the work I have been doing on the DB2 Analytics Accelerator for the last year.    As I stated in the article

“At first, I thought this was a straightforward and easy question to answer, with a, “Sure you do.” However, as I thought about how to respond, I realized the answer isn’t actually that simple. If ever there was a question deserving one of our, “It depends” answers, this had to be one of them.”

This is an opinion piece (that keeps me out of trouble) but it is based on personal observations a numerous conversations.   I explain in the article why I think confusion can sometimes rise out of a zIIP Accelerator discussion.  So, I go into some background on both, what makes them different, and what makes each of them significant in their own way.

You can read the entire article in the web-based version of Enterprise Tech Journal magazine at

If I Have a DB2 Analytics Accelerator, Do I Still Need zIIPs?”.

I’ll also through in a link to the print ready version of the article.

I hope you enjoy it, find it interesting, and find it useful.

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